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The Doll, Kingdom Death The Doll, Kingdom Death Hello! Mid summer is upon us and a sculpt I did back at the begining of 2020 is out now on Kingdom Death shop! I did the Doll based on an artwork by Wenjuinn Png and really enjoyed it! I used Zbrush, as always now! Enjoy your summer! Cheers! Salut! Nous... Lire la suite
Summer News, Kingdom Death Summer News, Kingdom Death Hello everyone! Summer has come and holidays are upon us! I've been hard at work and some of my recent or old sculpts have been shown today by Kingdom Death! It means I can share some pics too! In the last KS update were revealed the upsided down survivors.... Lire la suite
Badar, Kingdom Death Badar, Kingdom Death Hello friends! Today I share a new miniature sculpted for Kingdom Death. Badar. I made it last year.I t's a Zbrush sculpt and you are now used to! See you soon! Salut les amis! Aujourd'hui je partage une nouvelle figurine sculptée pour Kingdom Death.... Lire la suite
Willow, Kingdom Death Willow, Kingdom Death Hello followers! Here's a new miniature I sculpted recently released by Kingdom Death! Willow she is! Still sculpted with Zbrush! Cheers! Salut les amis! Voici une nouvelle figurine que j'ai sculpté récemment qui vient d'être dévoilée par Kingdom Death!... Lire la suite
Wendy the Frozen Star, Kingdom Death Wendy the Frozen Star, Kingdom Death Happy Holidays to everyone! Here's my latest sculpt for Kingdom Death, Wendy the Frozen Star! I recently did it with Zbrush for the Holiday sales! Hope you like it! Joyeuses fêtes à tous! Voici ma dernière scuplture pour Kingdom death, Wendy the Frozen... Lire la suite
Kingdom Death, Halloween Survivors Kingdom Death, Halloween Survivors Happy Late Halloween! Yes, new sculpts I've done during summer were recently reveiled on the latest KD update! I sculpted the Lion and Gorm Halloween Survivors and I can finally share them! Cheers! Joyeux Halloween-en retard! Et oui, de nouvelles sculptures... Lire la suite
Lagomorph Survivors, Kingdom Death Lagomorph Survivors, Kingdom Death Summer time again! I've been busy with KD as always (there's so much to share in the future)! But today it's the turn of the Lagomorph Survivors to be revealed. I made these Zbrush sculpts recently, on April 2021. See you soon! Toujours à l'heure d'été!... Lire la suite
Blushing Owl, Kingdom Death Blushing Owl, Kingdom Death Morning everyone! The hot nights in the summer are full of strange sounds and whispers. Maybe it's the Blushing Owl I sculpted for Kingdom Death you can hear? I made it at the end of 2019 with Zbrush. Bonjour à tous! Les nuits chaudes d'été sont pleines... Lire la suite
Astri the Promized, Kingdom Death Astri the Promized, Kingdom Death art credit-Cherrylich Hello! Today I reveal the sculpt of a new miniature I did a few weeks ago for Kingdom Death, Astri the promized. As usual now it's a Zbrush sculpt! Cheers! Bonjour! Aujourd'hui je peux révéler la sculpture d'une nouvelle sculpture... Lire la suite
HYBRIS Disordered Cosmos, Apollon HYBRIS Disordered Cosmos, Apollon Hello everyone! Today I show you Apollon I sculpted for HYBRIS Disordered by Aurora Game Studio. It's a digital sculpt I made this autumn, realized for plastic engineering and adapted for the boardgame. I had a lot of pleasure sculpting this miniature,... Lire la suite
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